Play like its a popular numero "uno" card game. Allowing players to look at and pair up their cards based on colours and swear words. The colour of the text is disregarded, only the word and background colours are matched. Players start with 7 cards each.

A**hole          Reverse
C*ckDraw 2
Pus*yDraw 4
C*ntWildcard (Choose any colour) This card can also be used to negate any other card. Eg. Cancelling out 3 x F**ks
1 x F**kEvery one gives the next player 1 card from their deck (The cards are given to the proceeding player after the F**k card has been placed)
2 x F**kProceeding player picks up 10 cards
3 x F**kNominate a player to pick up 10 cards
0 0